“The mysterious This Show Hates You finally delivers a clip that shows Bill O’Reilly just as our brains have always suspected.”

"ATTENTION ALL READERS: You MUST watch this. You MUST have speakers. This has got classic, written all over it."

"I always suspected Bill O was just a talking asshole, but Teddy Stern proves it."
-Pesky Fly

"Nazi Liberal Propaganda!"

“Here’s a funny video clip for all of you Bill O’Reilly haters out there.”
-Hammer of Truth

"Nice One Far Left Liberals!"

"Bill O'Reilly, as I know you see him."
-Yes But No But Yes

“Beautiful and horrific.”

"Truly disturbing, yet fitting and hilarious."

"Not clever or inspired. Just DUMB!!!"

"I've let a friend watch it with me last night and we were both in stitches."
-viewer Doug

“the funniest thing Ive seen in years, or maybe decades.”
-viewer Marty

“The Bill O'Reily piece is hilarious.”
-viewer Marcos

“That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in weeks.”
-viewer Ellen