"God Bless You."

"I like the subtlety."
-Dave Barry

"simply brilliant."
-Maryscott Oconnor from My Left Wing

"That must have been so satisfying to make!!!"
-Chrish from News Hounds

"I wonder if you've ever considered that knee-jerking, self-loathing leftist morons like you are helping our enemies to destroy us."
-Christie Spauling

"Dynamite! Really top work!"
-Sandy Stone

"this is awesome! i love this one!"
Peace Takes Courage

"great work!"
-SuperWow! from Pink Dome

"The Riviera Hotel should keep an eye on their TV sets this weekend, and Metro might want to consider going on tactical alert…"
-D.C. Thornton

"Look what one of our readers found while he was off playing in the sewer."
-Hot Air

"The more I watch it, the more I lurv it. It's addictive."

"oh, and i loved the video"

"That O'LIE-ley video is priceless! God bless you, and know that there are plenty of other Americans out here who believe EXACTLY what you do, too! Fight the POWER, and you are!"

"We've received a link to another great promotional video for the convention."

"Very funny commercial"
-John Javna

"Check out the promo video. You know you wanna be there!"
-Baratunde's Blog

"The Kos Clown has a Hate O’Reilly promo up: it’s a must see."
-Opinionnation Times

"And This Crap Is Supposed To Make You Want To Go?"
-Expose The Left

"Watch a promotional video for the convention."
-Chris Cizzilla from WashingtonPost.com

"This is why we call them 'the angry left.'"
-Little Green Footballs